Lawyer in migration law in Gothenburg and Borås

Legal assistance regarding migartion and the Aliens Act

The Immigration Act is the Swedish law that regulates migration and includes the conditions for staying in the country, including applying for and being granted asylum, visas and residence permits. The law regulates on what can make you eligible to live in the country and how long these conditions apply.

Migration is a complex and ever-changing area of law and it can be difficult for people to navigate without without professional help, especially without an understanding of the language.

Justice is a basic human right and everyone should be able to get legal help when they need it. Our team of legal experts specialize in immigration law and are available to assist you. Whether you are looking for information about asylum, residence permit, visa requirements or need to file an appeal, we can give you the help you need.


Apply for asylum 

Asylum is protection granted to foreigners who are unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin due to fear of persecution. If the asylum seeker is successful, they get refugee status and can stay in the country indefinitely.

You can apply for asylum at the Swedish Migration Agency’s application units or directly with the border police upon arrival. An asylum lawyer can assist with this application process. You have the right to a public counsel from the start to finish.

Our migration lawyers also assist with appeals against the Swedish Migration Agency’s decision.

Residence permit

A residence permit is an official document that gives a foreign citizen the right to live and work in a country for a certain period of time. There are several different types of residence permit, all of which correspond to different purposes. Some residence permits are granted, for example for work, while others are granted for studies or family reunification. In order to apply for a residence permit in Sweden the applicant must generally meet certain requirements, such as having a valid passport and proof of financial stability.

Our lawyers help you both through the application process and inte the event of an appeal.

Advokat migrationsrätt

Get help from a migration lawyer

Migration can be complex and difficult to interpret, but by enlisting the help of a lawyer, the process can be simplified. We help you with everything from applications and advice to appealing decisions from the Swedish Migration Agency.

Contact us for a initial consultation and we will jointly decide how to proceed with your migration case.