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We have solid experience as criminal case lawyers in various cases where we constantly work for your rights and always put you as a client first. Regardless of whether you are just looking for advice or need help in a legal process, we are here for you.

With us, you can always feel safe about having representation that believes in you, regardless of whether you are suspected of crime or a victim.

Criminal Case Attorney – Your Right

Within a criminal case, there is a lawyer who represents the victim, a so-called counsel for the plaintiff. As well as a defense lawyer or a criminal case lawyer for the suspect. It is part of our human rights, regardless of whether you are a victim or a perpetrator. It is also important to take note of this right, because a criminal case lawyer knows how everything works.

A criminal defense attorney looks after your rights throughout the process and tries to turn it in your favor so that the sentence may be as low as possible or work to try to prove your innocence if you believe you are so.

Public or Private Defender in Criminal Cases?

You can choose to be defended by a public or private defender. A private defense attorney is appointed by you and is paid by you personally, while a public one is paid by the state. Are we your best lawyer in criminal cases? We try every day.

All these questions, K Advokater in Gothenburg and Borås can help you with. We will make sure to provide the best possible legal advice for your specific case. Welcome to contact our law firm.

About Criminal Cases

A crime means that you have committed or been a victim of an act that is punishable by law. In general, a police report and a preliminary investigation take place. This consists of the police setting up an investigation of the crime scene, conducting a technical investigation and summoning people for questioning.

If sufficient evidence is available, the prosecutor decides to charge the suspect with the crime and thus the trial is started. If the is crime less serious, such as traffic offence, the prosecutor can choose to request a penalty order, which means that the person pleads guilty and is only punished with a fine.