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We are a law firm with offices in Gothenburg and Borås that has chosen to specialize in criminal cases, custody disputes and migration law. We don’t believe that it’s possible to be the best at everything and hence the focus. We aim to always be available so that you can quickly get advice from a lawyer. Try calling us and you’ll see.

A lawyer’s job is to give advice to the client that is best suited from a legal perspective. After that, it’s the client himself who decides which measures are to be taken. It is thus always the client who decides what to do, but with the support of the lawyer.


Lawyer is a protected title and only those who are members of Sweden’s Bar Association may call themselves a lawyer. In total, there are 5,500 active lawyers in Sweden, of which 2,200 work with humanitarian law, which includes, among other things, criminal cases, custody disputes and immigration law.
With us, you always get to speak to a lawyer directly without intermediaries with less experience. It is common for law firms to employ paralegals, which is a person who intends to become a lawyer but has not yet become one. At a law firm, only lawyers and paralegals may provide legal advice. A jurist is a person who has completed legal education but does not work at a law firm but at a so-called jurist firm.
Lawyers are there for the absolute elite of lawyers in Sweden. A lawyer does not cost more to hire than a paralegal, but we all work at the same rate. Most people don’t know it, but after being informed about the situation, the obvious choice is always to hire a lawyer. The title lawyer is a seal of quality and you, as a client, get to take part in all the benefits that good legal practice entails. For example, a lawyer may not state a specialist area without actually having specialist knowledge in it. K Advokater are specialists in criminal cases, custody disputes and migration law.

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We primarily work with criminal cases that include public defenders, private defense and plaintiff’s counsel, migration law that includes asylum and various types of residence permits, such as work permits, affiliation and citizenship, and custody disputes that include custody, housing and intercourse.

If you need a lawyer in Gothenburg or Borås, you are welcome to call us. You will quickly receive an answer if we are the right law firm to help you. You can always speak to a lawyer directly without intermediaries such as paralegals or jurists. We will handle your case with care while you, as a client of the law firm, get straight answers. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer, plaintiff’s counsel, custody lawyer or migration lawyer, you are just a phone call away from getting help.
If you need legal advice, you are welcome to contact us. The first initial call is always free and you get to speak to a lawyer directly to discuss how your situation should be handled.