Suspected of Crime

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When a crime has been committed, the police begin to investigate exactly what happened, for example through interrogations, investigation of the crime scene or through technical investigations. This is called a preliminary investigation and is led by the police or prosecutor. The preliminary investigation can then result in the prosecutor deciding to prosecute a person. It then becomes the court’s task to examine in the district court whether the prosecutor can prove, with the help of the investigation, that the defendant has committed the exact crime that the prosecutor alleges.

The person who is accused (the suspect) of a crime is called the defendant in legal context. In some cases, the suspect is detained for all or part of the time leading up to the trial. During that time in custody, the suspect may be assigned certain restrictions, which means that no communication may take place with anyone other than his lawyer. The lawyer’s role is then to help the client by, for example, being a support during detention, explaining the client’s situation to relatives or assisting the client in contacts with prosecutors and authorities.

The court usually appoints a defense lawyer for the person who is arrested or detained, and according to the procedural code, the person who is suspected of a crime always has the right to hire his own defense lawyer. A self-appointed private defense attorney is remunerated by you personally, while a public defense attorney is remunerated by the state.

It is also important to know that the suspect has no obligation to answer questions from the police.

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