Asylum in Sweden

Apply for asylum in Sweden

So what exactly is asylum? It is for a person seeking protection from persecution in their own country. There are many reasons why people want to seek shelter, including political persecution, ethnic, religious or sexual discrimination.

To apply for it in Sweden, you either submit your application to the border police upon arrival or to one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s application units. In Gothenburg, you will find the nearest application unit at Vestgatan 2, but there are also units in Stockholm and Malmö.

The process of applying can be long and difficult, especially for those unfamiliar with the legal system. It can therefore be helpful to contact a public adviser, who acts as a free lawyer for those who apply. The lawyers at K Advokater have extensive experience in migration cases and will help you from the start, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Public assistance in asylum

You have the right to a public advisor who helps you through the entire application process in everything from meetings with various authorities and necessary documentation to a possible appeal in court. In addition, public assistance can provide valuable information and support to asylum seekers during a very difficult and stressful time. By ensuring that everyone has access to legal help, the public defenders play an important role in protecting the right to asylum.

Already at the first meeting with the assistant, it is a good idea to bring identity documents such as a birth certificate, passport or an ID card. Also bring documents that can substantiate your reasons for applying. Everything from official documents from authorities in the home country to newspaper clippings. If you need an interpreter, let us know in good time and also tell us if the interpreter will understand a particular dialect.

If you apply, you generally have the right to public counsel and you can choose your own representative if you wish. This means that the state pays the entire legal fees and that you as the applicant do not have to pay for anything.

Appeal against refusal of asylum

A rejection of your application means that the Swedish Migration Agency does not consider that you have sufficient reasons to stay in Sweden. A decision from the Swedish Migration Agency can be appealed and have a court review the decision. Your decision will state how long you have to appeal, often three weeks from the day the decision was announced.

If you appeal the decision, you retain your public counsel. It is usually the same person who helped you in contacts with the Swedish Migration Agency. If you appeal a decision on rejection or deportation, you can usually stay in Sweden while you wait for the court to hear your appeal.

Welcome to contact us at K Advokater if you need advice or public assistance in asylum law in Gothenburg or Borås.

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